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British Dental Foundation Accreditation

Little girl smiling

All smiles for Scottish Water

The British Dental Health Foundation has given their smiley face logo as their stamp of approval to the sugar-free, fresh, quality drinking water which comes straight out of the kitchen tap in the heart of your home.

Scottish Water was the first water company to achieve the BDHF stamp of approval in the world in 2007.

An independent panel of recognized dental experts approved our scientific evidence-based claim that

  • Scottish water contains no sugar
  • Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of Scottish drinking water every day helps you have healthier teeth and gums.
Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Foundation, said:

"One of the biggest challenges faced by the Foundation is educating people on the dangers of too frequent consumption of sugar.

"Sugary drinks are a particular problem and, as they are often sipped throughout the day, can cause the teeth to be placed under almost constant acid attack. Water, along with milk, is the only drink that the Foundation recommends as completely safe for teeth.

"It contains no sugar, no calories and no acid and by guarding against everything from headaches to heart disease, it is massively important to a person's overall health."

"We are delighted to set this precedent by granting Scottish Water the use of our official Approved Stamp and hope that this will serve to make people more aware of the very real health benefits of drinking water."

British Dental Health Foundation Logo




Choose fresh over fizz

Choosing drinks which are carbonated and contain high levels of sugar can be very bad for your teeth and can cause tooth decay and enamel erosion.

The BDHF awarding Scottish Water their stamp of Approval is a timely reminder to people in Scotland that they have a healthy, sugar free drink that is on tap in the heart of their home 24/7.