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Cool Tips for Hot Weather

Boy in padding pool

In warmer weather use these cool tips to stay refreshed and hydrated

Chill your water

Chill your water; keep a jug or sports water bottle of tap water in your fridge or add ice cubes for an instant chill! Not only will the cool water help keep you hydrated and refreshed, but chilling your water can help reduce any smell or taste of chlorine.

Stay hydrated

Keep water with you throughout the day; it is easy to keep yourself refreshed and hydrated by keeping a glass on your desk at work or a sports water bottle when you are out and about topped up with clear, fresh Scottish water.

Shower off

Take a shower instead of a bath; it uses around a third of the water and save time and money - watch out for power showers as they use as much water as a bath.

In the garden

Use a watering can instead of a hose for your plants; it's more accurate, placing the water where it does most good. Plus, if you water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening then less of the water you use will evaporate and more will go to the plant roots.

You and your pet

Keep your pet cool and hydrated. Whether you are indoors or out, both you and your pet need to drink lots of fresh drinking water during hot weather so make sure that you remember not only to keep yourself topped up but fill up your pet's water bowl several times a day too.