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Triathlon Scotland

Scottish Water will be supporting Triathlon Scotland’s ten 2016 Scottish Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathlon Championship events.
The Scottish Championship events will take place across Scotland and are run in partnership with nine local event hosts. More than 2000 competitors will come to the start line between March and September, and will do battle for a coveted Scottish Championship title.

Triathlon Scotland

Jane Moncrieff, Chief Executive Officer at Triathlon Scotland, said: "We are delighted Scottish Water is supporting our Scottish Championship events and we are thrilled to be working with such a respected and well known national organisation.

She continued: "We are fortunate that Scotland's natural water resources provide some of the best event locations in Scotland and so we think working with Scottish Water, who provide water and waste water services across the country, is a fantastic partnership."

Chris Wallace, Scottish Water’s Director of Communications said: “The obvious links, through water, between Scottish Water and Triathlon Scotland mean it makes sense for us to work together to promote triathlon, which is one of the fastest-growing mass participation sports.

“Scottish Water encourages people to drink water to stay healthy and to do so before, during and after physical activity such as triathlons.

“We also encourage people to stay safe in or near rivers, reservoirs and lochs and urge anyone who wants to swim in open water to do so only at organised events, such as Triathlon Scotland’s sanctioned events.”

Scottish Water's investment will assist Triathlon Scotland to promote triathlon more widely to reach more people and ultimately increase participation within clubs and at events across Scotland.More information is available at :