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Video Library

Our videos are created in house and show what we do.  Watch our guides for how to fix your burst and frozen pipes, how to find your stop valve and how to insulate your pipes to stop them freezing and bursting in the cold weather.

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What to do if a pipe bursts

What to do if a pipe bursts

Follow our step by step guide on what to do if you have a burst pipe in your home.
Locating the stop valve

Locating the stop valve

A step by step guide on how to find your stop valve.

Insulation advice

A guide to insulating your loft to protect against burst or frozen pipes.
Paisley Tunnel breakthrough

Paisley Tunnel Breakthrough

Paisley Tunnel breakthrough after 14 days of tunnelling
St Andrews FOG

Putting St Andrews' Drains on a Diet

A new pilot being trialled in St Andrews aims to substantially reduce the number of blockages in the sewer system caused by fat, oil and grease – referred to as FOG - being incorrectly disposed of by businesses which serve food.