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Keeping You Informed

Scottish Water provides you with clear, fresh drinking water and also removes waste water from your property. We are committed to keeping you and your community fully informed and involved when our work and future plans may affect you. This work is varied and could include water mains replacement, waste water improvements or building new treatment works.

What do we do?

  • Scottish Water's key responsibility is to provide you with water and waste water services all day, every day. In order to achieve this, we have to carry out regular maintenance on our pipes, or build new structures.
  • Sometimes work will affect our services to you for example, when replacing water mains or sewers but we will tell you when this happens.


Why will we keep you informed and involved?

  • To ensure you know what we plan to do in your area - when we are working in your area, we will keep you informed so you know exactly what's happening, what to expect and how work may affect the local community
  • To provide you with timescales for the work being carried out and to explain how we will minimise the effects on your home and business life
  • To ensure you know how to contact us
  • To allow you to speak to us and directly influence how work is carried out where possible
  • To inform you of future plans or changes within the industry.


When will we involve you?

  • When work is taking place in your area.
  • When you may be affected by work taking place.


Why do we want you involved?

  • We listen to our customers and take your views into account where we can.
  • We need you to tell us how this work may impact you and your community.
  • Sometimes we cannot change our plans but we will be open and honest with you about this.



How are we going to keep you informed and involved?

Depending on the type of work we have planned, we will communicate with you and your community in the following ways:

  • letters or cards to you
  • letters to your community representatives
  • community newsletters
  • notices in your local paper and other media
  • customer meetings on site
  • community council meetings
  • information days and exhibitions
  • focus groups and opinion surveys
  • updates online at


What happens if we have an emergency such as a burst water main?

  • You will be able to get up to date information from our Customer Helpline or on our website
  • For further details refer to our Code of Practice



How can you find out more or give us feedback?

  • You can contact our Customer Helpline on 0800 0778778 for further information on any project we are planning or working on in your area
  • Our Customer Helpline can put you in touch with the local team involved
  • You can also contact our Customer Helpline to give us feedback following our work in your area

Here are some of examples of the advance notice that we will give you or your community when carrying out planned work:

 Type of Work Minimum Notification Period 
Planned interruption to Water
Supply (longer than 4hrs)
 48 hours
Planned work on water or waste
water services in your street
 2 weeks
Constructing new assets,
e.g. a pumping station
 8 week

By working closely with you we believe better outcomes can be achieved.

Our community engagement approach has been developed in conjunction with Consumer Focus Scotland, following the 7 principles of best practice in consumer engagement:

  • Engagement should aim to make a difference
  • Organisations should know who their consumers are
  • Methods of engagement should be appropriate
  • Methods of engagement should be accessible
  • Engagement should make a difference to the outcome
  • Consumers should be kept informed
  • Organisations should continually improve their engagement practice
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How We Will Keep You Informed

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This leaflet tells you how we will keep you and your community fully informed throughout any work we may be undertaking.