Astro is a technology transformation project that will deliver customer service improvements in Development Services (New Connections). The project is due to go live in 2020.   

The new portal will be accessible via the Scottish Water website and the existing LP Customer Portal (delivered by the Ascend project). LPs who already have user accounts for the existing portal do not need to re-register, as the new portal will integrate with it via a single sign-on procedure. The ‘Manage LP Users’ function on the existing portal should be used by administrators for creating and deactivating user accounts in the usual manner – any profile changes made here will apply to both portals.   

The new functionality will allow LPs to :

  • Submit pre-development enquiries, water and wastewater connection applications
  • Track the progress of any applications they (individually or throughout their organisation) have made to Scottish Water
  • Assess capacity through the readiness indicator
  • Request meetings with Scottish Water
  • Request a track inspection (use of the remote inspections app is encouraged)

Guidance, tooltips and prompts will be available throughout, in order to guide the user through the application process in a simple manner. Users will be prompted to upload required documents, based on the previous answers.

A selection of indicative slides showing the new functionality are available here. These are still under development and there are changes required for the text, however the look and feel will be very similar to the final portal.

Scottish Water will continue to provide updates to LPs on Project Astro via the monthly newsletter and via the Account Management Team.