We have recognised that shared supplies continue to cause problems for Licensed Providers (LPs) and end-user customers alike. 

This highlights the need for a consistent and standardised approach. To address this, we have developed a Business as Usual Process for the investigation and resolution of issues caused by shared supplies. The investigation will include both the physical configuration and charging arrangements of the affected properties. 

We will only relocate meters in cases where the meter has been wrongly installed on a pre-existing shared supply. 

If a meter was correctly installed at the time but the supply and/or charging configuration has subsequently changed, (e.g. due to the property being split or a change in ownership), then we may suggest potential changes to the charging configuration that would enable customers on a shared supply to pay independently of each other. There may be associated costs for this. 

This will initially be trialled as a pilot with a view to formalising it as a market process in future. 

The Process 

When an LP identifies a shared supply that requires investigation, the LP should submit a Form K to the Wholesale Service Desk via email to Wholesale Service Desk (for the duration of the pilot), clearly indicating that the enquiry relates to a shared supply. 

Within the additional information section, the LPs are asked to answer all questions set out in the Shared Supply Questionnaire.  

Scottish Water will perform an initial desk investigation and, where necessary, arrange a field survey before responding to the LP with conclusions and, where appropriate, a data correction plan or options. 


Given the complex nature of these cases, the Customer Revenue Team may be required to engage with our legal team to identify the historic ownership of business premises and domestic dwellings. 

As per the Wholesale Scheme of Charges, a charge per application or Supply Point will apply where: 

  • a legal (property ownership) review is necessary to establish the premises ownership at the time the meter was installed to confirm that it was appropriate to have metered the supply, and
  • our investigations confirm that the recorded services and/or meter details are correct, including situations where the service arrangements have been changed without notification to us.

Survey and activity charges will continue to apply in accordance with the Wholesale Scheme of Charges. 

Shared Supply FAQs

Your Licensed Provider should complete a Form K and the Shared Supply Questionnaire and email these to our Wholesale Service Desk.