Water Efficiency FAQs

With our climate, you might think there is plenty of water to go around but the truth is less than 1% ends up somewhere Scottish Water has access to. With more people using water every day and the risk of prolonged dry spells increasing water levels can drop quickly, so it makes sense to use water wisely to help protect future water supplies, keeping more water in the natural environment. By using water wisely you can help avoid water going to waste. For more tips on how to save water, visit our water efficiency pages.
You can calculate how much water and energy you use around the home each day with our Water Use Calculator.
Each person in Scotland uses about 150 litres of water every day, so if each household made small changes to reduce their water use by 5%, this could save millions of litres of water per year. By making small changes to your everyday behaviour you can start to save water, energy and money now. So why not:
Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and shaving
Take a short shower
Fill up your washing machine and wash at 30 degrees
Use a watering can to water your garden and plants instead of a hose
For more water saving tips visit our Water Efficiency pages