Clunas Reservoir 


Work to remove and safely dispose of the stored byproduct of the water treatment process that formerly provided Nairnshire’s main drinking water supply started in May 2019.

Clunas Reservoir and Water Treatment Works supplied drinking water to much of Nairnshire until it was taken out of service in 2002. Since then, most of the area’s water has come from a modern Water Treatment Works which is shared with Inverness and draws water from Lochs Ashie and Duncheltaig to the south-west.  

Following the decommissioning of Clunas Water Treatment Works, the waste byproduct from the historic water treatment process was safely stored on site. The storage has been regularly inspected to ensure the protection of the local environment until arrangements could be made for its safe disposal.

The material is now being transported by road to a specialist facility near Paisley where it will be treated and reused. 

Scottish Water alliance partner Amey are on site managing the clean-up operation. A number of local road improvements were also carried out in advance of the work. It is expected the project will take around 18 months to complete.   

The work is necessary to ensure the long-term protection of the local environment. Careful preparation has taken place over the past year to ensure that this work can take place smoothly and with as little disruption as possible to local communities.  

There will be additional heavy goods vehicles between the former Clunas Water Treatment Works, south of Cawdor B9090 and the A9. Vehicles will only operate in business hours, Monday to Friday, and drivers will be instructed to take every care on rural roads and within communities. 

There will be no impact on the current water supply to the area.

Work is now complete on the construction of a new £3.4 million drinking water storage tank at Urchany, which will enhance Nairn’s current water supply and replace existing tanks at Urchany and Raitloan.