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Project Overview

We are carrying out the second and final phase of an upgrade to Drumnadrochit's water network to support the village's growth, while continuing to provide clear, fresh and great-tasting water to all customers.

The project is being delivered by our contractor Mackenzie Construction.

At a Glance

  • Water network upgrade

  • Delivered by Mackenzie Construction

  • Approx 6 months to complete

Work on site during the first phase of water main upgrade on the A831 at Kilmichael, on the west side of Drumnadrochit

Investing for the future

The first phase of water network upgrade was delivered at Kilmichael during 2021

What We Are Doing

Following the completion of the first phase of water network upgrade in 2021, covering around 360 metres of water main along the A831 near Kilmichael, work on the remaining phase began on Tuesday 18th January.

A further 710 metres of water main has now been laid, from a location on the A82 near Druimlon to meet the previously completed section of upgraded water main on the A831 at Kilmichael.  Two teams have been working simultaneously in order to maximise progress and reduce the period of disruption within the village.

Following a pause over the Easter holiday period to minimise disruption over this busier period, work has now resumed to transfer connections that serve homes and businesses along the new water main's route. This will be followed by final work to remove markers and access covers associated with the old water main.  This final phase of work is expected to take up to 8 weeks in total.

Why We Are Doing This

There has been significant development in Drumnadrochit in recent years, with further development both underway and planned. This upgrade is needed to ensure that the village’s water network can support the community’s growth and continue to serve our existing customers well.