Plans have been submitted to Dumfries and Galloway Council for a proposed £1 million investment project to improve the waste water network in Eaglesfield and help reduce sewer flooding at times of heavy rainfall.

The proposed plans are aimed at helping to tackle sewer flooding in the area. In the last 15 years two properties have been impacted by flooding in the driveways, gardens and garage areas and other properties also at risk of flooding externally.

Plans also include the installation of a new Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) in Burnswark View. A CSO is an outfall pipe which acts as relief point which discharges from the sewer network at times of heavy rainfall and storm conditions, when the pipes can be overwhelmed with rainwater to prevent flooding. The increased capacity in the network which serves the village will also ensure that it can accommodate potential future growth in the area.

A majority of the proposed structure will be below ground apart from a 1.2m high timber post and rail fence with a steel access gate around the CSO chamber and a 2m high green kiosk to be built within the fenced area 

Subject to the project being approved, work is due to begin in spring 2020 and be carried out by Scottish Water’s alliance partners Amey Black & Veatch.

The work which we propose has been sensitively designed to be complimentary to the residential setting. We will keep the community updated on progress for this project.