***Project Update - March 2020*** 

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, this project has been paused. We will let customers know when the project is resumed.

To find out more about Scottish Water's response to the Coronavirus, click here.

Project Overview 

As part of our sewer networks improvement program we are installing larger surface water pipes along Sagewood Court and Tannin Crescent, to help alleviate flooding to properties in Sweet Thorn Drive.

What we are doing 

To help alleviate sewer flooding in the area we will be laying surface water pipes along a section of Tannin Crescent and Sagewood Court, East Kilbride.

 We require to close sections of the road whilst working, this is to ensure public and workforce safety and to allow enough space to install the pipes.  We plan to work in 60 metre phases to help limit the disruption to residents driveways. 

There will be noise from construction vehicles and an increase in noise and vibrations whilst installing metal sheet piles in to secure the excavation. 


When we are doing it

Work on Tannin Crescent, section of Road Closure will be carried out from Monday 2nd December 2019 till February 2020. Each section will take approximately 5 weeks to complete, the area will be back filled and re tarmac before moving onto the next section.

Work on Sagewood Court, section of Road Closure will commence from Monday 13th January till mid March 2020.