Near the Old North Woodside Flintmill (off Belmont Street) Off Garriochmill Road, North Kelvin

Old Flint Mill

We are installing an underground chamber with a mechanical screen to filter out and prevent the items such as rags, wet wipes that are wrongly flushed down the toilet from overflowing into River. We require to connect to the existing sewer installing a new section of pipework. We also require to abandon the existing storm outfall pipe at this location and install a new one slightly further downstream. 
We have installed a temporary Dam. The dam is to allow the team to work safely and construct the new retaining wall and headwall. The dam will be removed once the headwall work is complete.

**Please note - adverse weather conditions have made working conditions extremely difficult, causing a slight delay to this part of the project.**    

Main project

Location Start date Duration Type of work
 Near the old Flintmill   2nd September 2019 7 months Abandon existing outfall. Install chamber, pipework and headwall


Posters for information on our Archaeological dig and parking restrictions can be found in our document hub.