New water storage tank at Urchany

New water storage tank at Urchany

The site of the £3.4m project has now been backfilled.

What did we do?

We have completed a £3.4m project to provide improved drinking water storage facilities for Nairn and Auldearn, alongside our alliance partner ESD.

What did the work involve?

The work, which took around 16 months to complete, has seen two ageing water storage tanks at Urchany and Raitloan replaced by a new, modern twin cell water tank situated at Urchany. The new storage tank is now in use, supplying around 12,000 customers with water.

The upgrade has also seen a new pressure valve installed on the pipeline serving Nairn, allowing greater control over water pressures and helping reduce leakage.

The old water tower at Raitloan and the redundant tank at Urchany, both of which are no longer needed, will be demolished in the coming months before final reinstatement takes place.

Why did we do this work?

The work means the drinking water storage facilities for the largest communities in Nairnshire have been greatly enhanced through the installation of the new twin cell service.

We are now able to ensure consistency of supply for these areas well into the future, allowing us to continue to supply clear, fresh, great-tasting water to our customers in Nairn and Auldearn for years to come.