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Alnwickhill Questions and Answers

Why is surplus land at Alnwickhill being sold?

Once the new Glencorse water treatment works (WTW) is fully operational, Scottish Water will no longer require most of the land, tanks, etc at the Alnwickhill WTW for its operational or strategic needs. These assets will therefore become redundant and we are required under Scottish Government rules to promote them for disposal and to seek to obtain the maximum price on their sale. By applying for planning consent for redevelopment for a different use Scottish Water hopes to secure a higher price than if the site was simply offered to the market with uncertainty about its future potential use.

What is the process for selling the land?

We have completed a 12 week public consultation and submitted our application for 'planning permission in principle'. Scottish Water has collated all responses and submitted them together with our application. City of Edinburgh Council is now considering the proposal before providing us with their response.

When would construction begin?

This is extremely difficult to say.  In conjunction with the planning application we will also in due course be entering an open market process to select an outright purchaser or a development partner to develop the site.  Once the site is sold, it will be up to the developer to decide when construction work should begin.

What will happen to the Water Treatment Works currently at Alnwickhill?

Alnwickhill WTW will shortly be decommissioned once the Glencorse WTW is fully operational.  

Why was the Alnwickhill site not included in the consultation exercise with Fairmilehead?

The site at Alnwickhill contains a number of listed structures which mean that the planning proposals are more complex to agree.  That being said, the sale of Alnwickhill will follow a similar process to that of Fairmilehead.

If the Alnwickhil land is developed for housing what kind of impact will this have on traffic in the area?

As part of the application process, City of Edinburgh Council will consider the potential impact of traffic flows in the area, to ensure that this is at a manageable level.