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Stepps Introduction

The purpose of this Public Exhibition is to advise the local community of Scottish Water’s proposals before any formal planning application is submitted to North Lanarkshire Council. It also provides an early opportunity for local views to be considered prior to any planning application.

The overall intention of this consultation process is to add value at the start of the planning process by improving the public’s understanding and the quality of the proposals.

The information displayed here this evening illustrates Scottish Water’s indicative proposals for the site at Buchanan Gate, Stepps. The final layout and design of the site and the building has yet to be completed, however information is provided here today to show the level of development that will be put on the site. Scottish Water will be applying for Planning Permission In Principle for this development, in order to establish the principle of the development on the site, but detailed designs will not form part of this application.

Scottish Water welcomes any comments that the community may have on these indicative proposals and are happy to discuss them with you today. Alternatively, you can fill out one of the comments forms provided and leave it with us to consider, or take one away and send it back to us.

Please note that any comments made during this consultation process are not representations to the planning authority. When an application is submitted there will be an opportunity to make representations to the planning authority at that stage.

Our vital role

Scottish Water provides a vital public service, essential to the health of the nation.

We provide clean, safe and high quality drinking water to 2.4 million households and 123,000 business premises across Scotland. Every day we supply 844 million litres of safe, treated drinking water to households and take away 706 million litres of their waste water, which we treat before returning safely to the environment.

We have delivered one of the largest investment programmes, per connected property, in Britain during 2006-2010. This at a time when household charges are lower than seven of the water companies in England and Wales. In 2010/11 the average household charge in Scotland is £15 lower per annum than the average household bill in England and Wales.

The quality of our drinking water remains high, investment is delivering the benefits Scotland needs and supporting over 5,000 construction jobs. Scottish Water is increasingly delivering good value for our customers.

Your charges go to maintaining and improving:

  • 29,391 miles of water pipes
  • 31,122 miles of sewer pipes
  • more than 1,800 waste water treatment works
  • 280 water treatment works
  • delivering 844 million litres of safe drinking water to homes across Scotland every day.

Reasons for moving from Balmore Road

Scottish Water currently perform their national operations function from their existing site at Balmore Road in Possilpark, Glasgow. This site is now 50 years old and no longer ‘fit for purpose’ for a number of reasons.

Balmore Road images

As such, Scottish Water require a new National Operations Centre which will be modern, more energy efficient, fit for purpose and provide enhanced service capabilities delivering service improvements to our customers across Scotland.

Balmore Road - Buchannan Gate Map Locations

What happens next

While Scottish Water will be making an application to North Lanarkshire Council for Planning Permission in Principle (PPP), they are also in the process of inviting bids from companies to design and build this office development. Should PPP be granted by North Lanarkshire Council, the winning bidder will then apply for the next stage of the planning permissions which will cover the detailed design of the building, and all neighbours will be notified of these applications.