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Aberdeen Merchant Quarter

Aberdeen, Merchant Quarter  – Waste Water Network Improvements

Scottish Water alongside our alliance partner Amey Black & Veatch (aBV) are carrying out a programme of investigation works on the waste water network in the Merchant Quarter area of Aberdeen.

Planned Works:

We will be carrying out a number of site investigations in the Merchant Quarter area.  The information we obtain from this will allow us to determine and plan future improvements to our waste water network to alleviate local flooding issues in this area.

The site investigations will comprise of the following:

  • Trial Hole excavations
  • Bore Holes

This will allow us to determine ground conditions as well as locate positions of other underground services in the area.

What you need to know:

Site investigation works are planned to take place from Sunday 27th January 2019 and will last approximately 6 weeks.  

Please note that work will be carried out on a rolling basis.

Where we are working:

Site investigations will be required in the following streets:

  • Shore Brae (from Trinity Quay to Shiprow)
  • Market Street (at junction with Guild Street and Trinity Quay)
  • Trinity Quay (from Market Street to Regent Quay (West Bound side)
  • Trinity Street (at junction with Carmelite Lane and at junction with Stirling Street)
  • Carmelite Street (near junction with Trinity Street)
  • Guild Street (at junction with Exchange Street)

When we are working:

See below for details of when we are working at each location and details of Traffic management.


Numbers below relate to corresponding number in above image:

  1. Shore Brae - Work starts 27th January for approximately 1 week.  Shore Brae will be CLOSED to traffic between Trinity Quay and Shiprow during this work.  Local diversions will be in place with temporary local access to Shiprow being via Castle Street.

  2. Market Street – Work starts 1st February for approximately 3 days.  This work will be carried out starting in the EVENING of Friday 1st February and will involve 24hr working over the weekend.  There will be various lane closures/restrictions in place at the junction during these works.  Works will be completed and reinstated by 6am on Monday 4th February.  Please note, should there be any delay with the progress of this section of work, an additional period of weekend working may be required.

  3. Trinity Quay (West Bound) – Work starts 27th January for approximately 3 weeks.  During this section there will be various lane closures/restrictions on the approach to the Market Street Junction.

  4. Trinity Street -  Work starts 4th February for approximately 1 week.   Both Trinity Street and Carmelite Lane will be CLOSED to traffic during this work.  Local diversions will be in place.

  5. Carmelite Street & Guild Street – Work starts 23rd February for approximately 1 week.  During this section there will be various lane closures in Carmelite Street (including no left turn onto Guild Street) and in Guild Street (East bound) towards Market Street as well as a road closure in Guild Street during the Saturday and Sunday.  Again local diversions will be in place during this work.

During these essential works:

  • There will be significant road works and traffic management during our works.  This will be agreed in full conjunction with Aberdeen City Council.  Please follow all signs put in place.

  • During the work you may notice some noise from construction equipment however we will try to keep any disruption to a minimum where possible.

  • Depending on the outcome and progress of these initial investigations, we way require to carry out further works.  Should this be the case we will provide details of any additional works.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we carry out this essential work.

VIEW the latest update video here

Find Out More:

If you have any questions about this planned work please call our customer helpline 0800 0778 778 quoting reference Capital/503289/aBV