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Dalmuir Waste Water Treatment Works

Further improvements at Dalmuir Waste Water Treatment Works, Clydebank

Scottish Water in November 2013 started work on substantial improvements at the Dalmuir Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW) in Clydebank.The £20m project, which received planning permission from West Dunbartonshire Council,  will enhance the operability and all round performance of the WwTW and reducing the potential for odour.

Scottish Water and Saur Services Glasgow Ltd (SSG), which operates the WWTW on behalf of Scottish Water, introduced a new treatment process there in 2010. This new process, called centrifuging, has been running successfully  using a temporary facility.

Centrifuges are like large spin-dryers which dry off water from liquid sludge to produce a sludge cake and ensure that the sludge is in a suitable state to go to land reclamation.

The temporary centrifuge system at Dalmuir WWTW has improved the sludge management process and we would now like to make this permanent. To do this, we need to erect a new building at the WWTW to fully enclose the equipment.

The investment  which we estimate will take about two years to complete, also includes a process which will improve the quality of waste water we discharge from the WWTW under licence from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency(SEPA) into the River Clyde.

It will involve the construction of housing for the system and a de-odourising unit along with other operational facilities.

Scottish Water is advising residents in the Dalmuir area of a possible temporary increase in traffic and noise levels at Dalmuir WWTW during our improvement work

As part of the project, piling work is due to begin around January 20, depending on weather conditions, and continue until the end of February.

During this work there might be an increase in traffic to and from the WWTW and noise levels. However, we will make every effort to minimise this, and the work is being carried out at a location on the site which is as far away from adjacent properties as is possible.

Scottish Water would like to thank customers in the area for their patience and understanding while we carry out this important work.