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Avonspark Street

  Progress at Avonspark July 2016

Progress update: January 2017

Scottish Water and aBV have completed a £4m project to tackle flooding that has affected properties in Avonspark Street and Edgefauld Road. 
Grass seeding of the landscaped areas is proposed to take place in early spring at the start of the growing season.

The project, which started in September 2015, included the installation of a 2,500 cubic metre capacity storm water storage tank in the sewer network to alleviate the surcharging of the system. The tank is 20 metres in diameter and 16 metres below ground level.

Chris Wilcock, a flooding team leader with Scottish Water, said: “Scottish Water is delighted to have completed this important project, which is key part of our overall investment in our waste water infrastructure across the Greater Glasgow area.

“We are committed to doing all we can to help communities and customers by playing our part in tackling flooding and dealing with the impact of heavy rainfall.
“A number of properties in the Avonspark Street areas have suffered from recurring flooding over a number of years and we fully appreciate the inconvenience this can cause. We know that affected customers will welcome the completion of improvements to our network in the area.”

Scottish Water’s work caused some unavoidable inconvenience and disruption for local residents on a section of Edgefauld Road at the Avonspark Street project site was closed for the duration of the project there.

Joanna Peebles Scottish Water’s regional communities team manager, said: “We did everything we could to minimise any inconvenience and we kept local residents and road-users informed of our work and liaised closely with them as the work progressed. We would like to thank all affected residents at both projects for their patience and understanding during our work.
”The completion of the projects will give local residents peace of mind that the risk of flooding in the future has been substantially reduced.”

The projects are part of Scottish Water’s 2015-21 Business Plan commitment to remove all customers from the internal sewer flooding register (those with a 10% or greater chance of flooding occurring per annum) as quickly as possible and typically within four years. 

Key Project facts:

  • This is a £4m investment to improve our waste water network and help reduce the risk of flooding in the Avonspark Street area
  • Ithelps address flooding issues affecting a total of 12 properties in the area
  • It involved the construction of a large storage tank located on the grassed area on Avonspark Street and Edgefauld Road. The tank is 20 metres in diameter and 16 metres below ground level


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    Update on Our Investment in Glasgow - Summer/Autumn 2015

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    The area’s waste water infrastructure, a complex system of subterranean pipes, storage tanks and overflows on which daily life depends, is receiving a makeover - a rather big makeover.

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    Avonspark Street Environmental Project Starts

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    Scottish Water has started a major environmental improvement project which will tackle sewer flooding in part of the Springburn area of Glasgow.


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    Glasgow Waste Water Upgrade Work

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    Scottish Water is undertaking a £250 million, five-year programme of work which will continue to improve river water quality and the natural environment of the River Clyde.