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  • Levenmouth
  • Aerial view of Levenmouth WWTW
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  • Levenmouth
  • Replaced manhole cover

Working with the Levenmouth Community

Over the last year Scottish Water has carried out a range of improvement works aimed at reducing odours from the treatment works and sewer network in partnership with CELTS (the operators of Levenmouth WWTW).

Regular newsletters with information about these improvement works have been sent to local residents and businesses. All previous newsletters are available in the Levenmouth Background & Information section.

The latest phase of improvement work involved increasing the height of the two stacks (chimneys) at the treatment works.  The construction of the new odour stacks was completed in summer 2015.

You can see our most recent updates to stakeholders here.

The local community will be kept updated as work progresses on the stacks over the weeks and months ahead. We continue to meet with your community representatives and politicians on a regular basis to update them with progress on our investigations.  The minutes of these meetings and presentations can be found in the Levenmouth Background & Information section.

Keeping you updated

If, in future, you would like to receive newsletters by email, you can sign up to this service on our Contact Us page where we will ask you for some details such as your name and email address.  We will only use your details for the purpose of sending you the Levenmouth newsletter.