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  • Loch Ryan Waste Water Treatment Works December 2012
  • Location of the new outfall pipe at Broadsea Bay near Larbrax
  • Port Rodie Pumping Station January 2013
  • Pumps at the new Port Rodie pumping station
  • New tank at the Loch Ryan waste water treatment works

Loch Ryan

We are delivering a project that will provide a long term waste water solution for Stranraer, Cairnryan, Kirkcolm and Leswalt.

This project will bring the area in line with the rest of Scotland by installing a modern waste water treatment process that replaces outdated infrastructure. The shellfish waters will be given a boost as continuous discharges of waste water are removed from Loch Ryan and redirected to the North Channel.

What we're doing

Scottish Water has been closely liaising with SEPA to ensure the project meets strict environmental standards. The project will also ensure Scottish Water complies with a range of legal requirements.

A main element of the project will be creation of a new waste water treatment works (WWTW) to be built at Smithy Hill near Leswalt. It will discharge treated waste water into the North Channel of the Irish Sea, near Broadsea Bay.

Area affected

We are converting the existing waste water treatment works (WWTW) at Stranraer to a pumping station and storm tanks.  The new facility will collect waste from various outlying areas and pump it to the new treatment works. The current Port Rodie building will be demolished.

A modern replacement building at Port Rodie will be constructed and Scottish Water has liaised closely with Dumfries & Galloway planning experts to ensure the designs will fit in with future waterfront developments.

Project benefits

Once the changes are completed, the existing Port Rodie site will deliver further benefits when it is modified to provide storm storage. This is essential, as it will reduce the risk of the Stranraer network having to utilise storm overflow contingencies at times of heavy rainfall.

Some smaller facilities will also form part of the project. These will include modifications to treatment works at Kirkcolm and Leswalt. This will allow all waste to be transferred efficiently to the new Loch Ryan WWTW.

A series of waste water mains will also be laid so the waste can be transferred to either the new works or the Port Rodie pumping station. While the locations are fairly remote, as far as possible these new sections of the waste water network will be in places as close as possible to the roads leading in and out of the areas.

Start date

Our delivery partners, Leslie MWH Joint Venture, started work on the Pumping Station at Port Rodie in January 2011. Work also began at the new Loch Ryan Waste Water Treatment Works in Leswalt in February 2011, and work to install new sewers that will carry the waste water up to Smithy hill is well underway.

Latest developments

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We want to hear from you

If you would like more information about the Loch Ryan Project, the team can be contacted by emailing or by calling 0845 601 8855 and quoting "Loch Ryan Project".