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Taking care of your sewer network in Greenock

Watch the latest video of the investment work here.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, a temporary reinstatement of the B&M car park will be carried out over the next two weeks.  The permanent reinstatement of the car park will now be done in January 2019. Thank you for your continued patience while we carry out these essential works.

What we are doing?

We are taking care of the waste water services in your community by upgrading the sewer pipes to help alleviate flooding in the area. This £2.8m investment project began in January 2018 and, once completed, will help alleviate flooding that occurs at the Oakmall Shopping Centre during periods of severe rainfall. 

What does the project involve?

Forty-seven metres of pipework is being installed to upgrade the existing sewer network, improve the water flow, and reduce the risk of flooding in the Oak Mall Shopping Centre and surrounding areas. The work is being carried out by Scottish Water’s alliance partner Amey Black and Veatch. The work is expected to take approximately 11 months for completion.

Where is the work taking place? 

Our current work is being carried out on the existing network in three separate locations:

Bullring Car Park

Most of the work within the Bullring car park has now been completed and the car park is in operation. 

B&M Car Park 


Work to install two Combined Sewer Overflows within the car park of the B&M Home Store - located at point 1 (Westburn Street) and point 2 (Inverkip Street) on the map below is now completed.  The reinstatement and finishing works mainly confined to B&M carpark should be completed in December.

Please note:
•Parking has been suspended in some parking bays within the car park. Works have been located away from the shop entrance to help minimise disruption for customers and staff. 
•Diversion of existing utilities required at the start of the project which will require traffic management on the A78 Inverkip Street.
•Full pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.
•You may notice some noise and vibration from the works. 

Plan of 3 locations of work:


We have completed the section of work on the Inverkip Road and removed all the traffic management.
The guided tunneling machine used to tunnel underneath the roundabout to connect the new sewer to the existing sewer has experienced difficulties underground, so 26 metres had to be dug by hand. It was really hard work for the tunnellers. They removed approximately 115 tonnes of debris comprising mainly of reinforced concrete, brickwork foundations, sandstone and whinstone rock.
The remaining works will be confined to the B&M carpark and is expected to be complete by the end of November 2018. 


Public information stand held at Oakmall shopping mall


An information stand was held in the Oakmall shopping mall between 19/04/18 – 03/05/18.

To view the information slides, please click here.

Inverclyde catchment study

Future studies and investigations will be carried out to look at the flooding risk across the wider area.

Please click here for more information on the Inverclyde catchment study.