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Latest News - Update 17th of October 2018
Update regarding sewer network improvements in Stonelaw Road, opposite Buchanan Drive.

Scottish Water  would like to apologise for the delay in completion of sewer network improvements on Stonelaw Road, opposite Buchanan Drive. The work has been complex due to the requirement to divert uncharted utility pipes. We now estimate this work will be completed by the end of October.
As a result of the delay at Stonelaw Road, the final phase of work at View Park Drive will now commence from the first week of November and last 4 weeks. We would like to thank the community for their continued patience and understanding whilst we complete this essential work.


Scottish Water is investing in Rutherglen to upgrade the sewage system and mitigate against flooding in the local area.

Site investigation works were carried out during 2016 in preparation for the two phases of Sewer Network improvements due to take place this year, commencing in late September 2017 with an expected completion date of late July 2018.

Water diversion works required to facilitate the upgrade to the local waste water system will commence from Monday 25th September and will last approximately 4 weeks. Temporary 4 way traffic lights will be in operation during this time and will be manually operated during peak times to ensure minimal disruption to local road users.

Once diversion works are completed, sewage upgrades to Viewpark Drive will begin week commencing 06 November 2017. This work will involve road excavations carried out in 50 metre sections beginning at the Stonelaw Road end and heading west towards Victoria Road, crossing Victoria Road and continuing. Full pedestrian access will be available at all times however vehicular access will be restricted to residents (with the exception of emergency vehicles). This will not affect waste bin collection as onsite personnel will ensure waste is collected.

The second phase of the project includes the construction of a water storage tank adjacent to the west of the site compound currently being established in Stonelaw Park. The tank will be submerged underground and will provide extra storm water storage to significantly reduce the risk of flooding. The installation of the underground storm tanks will proceed simultaneously with the sewer pipe installation along Viewpark Drive and access to the park shall remain available out with the enclosed area of work.

Once this work has been completed, a third phase of works in Buchanan Drive will follow between summer and Christmas 2018. We will provide further information on this third phase of works during springtime next year. 

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