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Staney Hill Water Network Improvements

Scottish Water alongside our alliance partner Efficient Service Delivery (ESD) are carrying out a programme of works on the water network in Lerwick.  This work will ensure that we continue to provide clear, fresh drinking water to our customers for many years to come.

Planned Works:

Our £6 million investment will involve

  • Installation of a new 2.8km water main from our existing drinking water storage tank at Sandy Loch to Holmgarth over Staney Hill.  This will remove the current requirement to pump water over the Staney Hill.

  • Removal of the old steel water storage tanks at North Staney Hill and South Staney Hill, retaining the existing concrete tank at South Staney Hill.  Both Sections of work (removal of existing tanks and new water main installation expected to start October 2018 with estimated duration 18 to 24 months.Trial pits and Contractor Site Set up will take place during October 2018.

(Pictured below: New Pipeline - Sandy Loch Pumping Station to North Road Holmsgarth)New Pipeline Sandy Loch

  • Construction of a new twin compartment storage tank at our existing Sandy Loch Water Treatment Works site.  This will provide a greater storage capacity than the old tanks.  Approximate start date for this section is November 2018 (estimated duration 16-18 months).

  • Modifications to our existing drinking water storage tank at Sandy Loch. This section to start approximately March 2019 (estimated duration 3-4 months).

(Pictured below: Sandy Loch Water Treatment Works)

 Sandy Loch

  • Installation of a new link main from our new storage tank at Sandy Loch to the water network across the A970 in Upper Sound.  Approximate start date for this section of work is March 2019 (estimated 6-8 week duration).

(Pictured below: Lerwick Link Main)

Stanley Hill

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