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Authorised Departures

Authorised Departures

Granting an authorised departure is in effect the Scottish Ministers giving Scottish Water permission to supply water which does not meet the statutory standards specified in the Water Supply (Water Quality) (Scotland) Regulations 2001 in respect of specific quality parameters, for a specified period of time.

In applying to Scottish Ministers for the Authorised Departure Scottish Water also served a copy of the application on the appropriate local health board and local authority. Under the legislation both of these authorities have 30 days to make any representation on the application. Scottish Ministers will only grant the authorised departure after the 30 day consultation period finishes and only if, on the advise of health professionals, they are satisfied that the Authorised Departure will not constitute any risk to public health.

Permission for an authorised departure is granted on the understanding that the necessary investment is made to improve water quality within the specified time period, and to carry out works to enable full compliance with the 2001 Regulations. Scottish Water has a rigorous sampling and testing regime in place to ensure that water quality remains of the highest possible standard.

There are no authorised departures currently in place.