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Water For Health

We all know that water is good for you but a lot of people don't know that not drinking enough water causes a number of problems such as
  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • kidney problems
  • constipation
  • dehydration (lack of water)
Drinking lots of water can help give you healthy skin, boost your energy levels and keep you mentally alert. Water is the only drink that contains absolutely no calories or fat which can help keep you, your bones, teeth, hair and nails healthy.

Boy drinking water from glassOur bodies need water to:
  • clean the blood passing through the kidneys
  • keep body temperatures even
  • help digest food
  • carry food and oxygen to body parts/organs
  • prevent salt from building up in the body
  • remove waste products from food and drink
  • help remove carbon dioxide from our muscles
Water is an important ingredient of human tissue and cells. It fills hollows between your bones, and flows through kilometres of arteries and veins along with your blood.

The body also needs water to clean the blood in the kidneys. All the blood passes through the kidneys fifteen times a day where water helps to 'wash' it. If the kidneys fail, the human body cannot survive for more than three weeks with unclean blood.