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Supporting Scotland's economy and communities

Since 2002 Scottish Water has transformed Scotland’s water infrastructure, investing in the economy to support jobs and growth while reducing charges to customers. We plan to build on this while meeting new demand for our services and delivering a leading customer experience.

We're supporting growing requirements for housing in Scotland by meeting the demand for new connections to the water and waste water networks

Our strategy to keep costs low:

We will identify new technologies, ways of working and develop more renewable energy from our land.

Our strategy to meet new demand quickly and effectively:

Promoting water efficiency and further reductions in leaks from pipes can help maximise available water. We will encourage new development in areas with good existing water supplies and invest in works and networks to meet the demands of growth.

Our strategy to support communities:

We will share our knowledge and promote awareness of the value of water and the environment through our education resources. To support employment we will continue to provide opportunities for training and apprenticeships.

Our strategy to deliver a positive customer experience:

We will continue to improve our communications to keep customers informed about their water supply and seek to better understand their priorities for service improvement.

We aim to build value and trust in the services we provided by:
  • Keeping charges as low as possible and affordable
  • Meeting new demand quickly and efficiently
  • Supporting communities across Scotland
  • Providing an excellent response and resolution
  • Engaging customers
  • Increasing transparency of the costs and performance of our services
  • Offering services that customers want
  • Reducing our carbon emissions