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About us

Planning Your Development

A Connections guide to planning your development

Utility Connection Provider

An introduction for developers to connecting your property to the water supply - includes domestic and non-domestic connections.

Asset Capacity Search


Asset Vesting - a guide to the process and standards

Find out about the vesting process and you role and responsibilities

Connections feedback

So, how are we doing?

At Scottish Water, our aim is to always deliver a positive customer experience. To help us continuously improve the service we provide to our connections customers, we may send you a short survey at key points along your journey via email or text message.

The survey gives you the opportunity to rate stages of our service using the scale below and also leave any comments relating to your experience.

The scores and comments you provide helps us to identify areas for improvement, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your feedback.
                                       Gem award

If you’re impressed and delighted with the service you received from one of our team, why not nominate them for a Scottish Water GEM award?

It’s quick and easy to make a nomination here.

Development Services contacts

Please see below the contact list for Development Services.

Domestic Development - Reasonable Cost Contribution

Notice of Changes to applications for Building Water for Domestic Development as of 1 April 2011 and reasonable cost contributions (RCC) for domestic developers

Joint maintenance agreement for shared surface water assets

Connections Application Forms

Essential information and application forms needed to get connected to the water and waste water network with Scottish Water.

Design Guidance

Sewers for Scotland and SUDS manual and glossary

Single House Connections

SHC Cover

Connecting a single property to the public network

If you need help and guidance throughout the process, we are here to assist.

We would recommend that you access our new booklet Single House New Connections: a quick reference guide.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with a clear outline of the high level process from planning through until connection. It will ensure you have awareness of all parts of the process to plan ahead, and supply us with important information to progress your applications through our business team for both water and waste water connections. This guide also clearly outlines the process to convert from a private to public water supply.

We hope that this booklet provides you with enough detail, but should you require any further support prior to application submissions you can contact us directly.

Water Byelaws compliance

It is important to consider The Water Supply (Water Fittings) (Scotland) Byelaws 2014 when planning a domestic development. These requirements apply to all plumbing systems, water fittings and appliances connected to the public water supply in Scotland. These standards ensure that water quality and public health are protected in both the property and the public water network

You have a choice of what option you wish to use to provide evidence of internal and external Water Byelaws compliance. The Water Byelaws (WB1) form will be sent to you with your technical audit quote. Please ensure you complete this form and send it to

A printable version of the WB1 form and an interactive version can be found here.

More information on Water Byelaws can be found here.

Surface Water Policy

For reasons of sustainability and to protect our customers from potential future sewer flooding, Scottish Water will not normally accept any surface water connections into our combined sewer system.

There may be limited exceptional circumstances where we would allow such a connection for brownfield sites only, however this will require significant justification from the customer taking account of various factors including legal, physical, and technical challenges.

In order to avoid costs and delays where a surface water discharge to our combined sewer system is anticipated, the developer should contact Scottish Water at the earliest opportunity with strong evidence to support the intended drainage plan prior to making a connection request. We will assess this evidence in a robust manner and provide a decision that reflects the best option from environmental and customer perspectives. Waiting until the connection request stage before consulting with Scottish Water risks refusal of the connection. Further details on Scottish Water surface water policy can be found in the
guidance document here.

Our Forms

All application forms to support the new connection of a single property can be found here.

Note : Guidance information is contained throughout our forms to ensure you are aware of mandatory fields/information that may delay the progress of your application.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Information on the Strategic Asset Capacity and Development Plan (SACDP)and the Asset Capacity online search tool.

Waste Water Connections

Read on for some guidance for the formal process of applying for a new connection to the public waste water network and outlines the design work required as part of your early application.

For more technical Information please consult the Guide to Obtaining New Water and Waste Water Services in our document listing containing all the relevant application forms, you should fill out the Application to connect to a public sewer, the DSC1. The New Connections Guide will help you with this process.

Or you may request a copy by calling us on Tel 0845 601 8855.

Designing your connection

You are responsible for the design of private drains and new sewer connections. This design responsibility includes all the necessary consultations with roads authorities, SEPA, other relevant bodies and third parties.

We would advise you to employ a competent professional to assist you with the design of your site infrastructure to ensure the information you provide to us meets all requirements first time.

The first step in connection

A proposal for your connection design should be submitted to Scottish Water along with the relevant administration and inspection fee.

Please note that separate drainage systems are Scottish Water's preferred method of connecting to the public sewer and wherever possible surface water should be directed away from our existing combined sewers.

Our applications are available in our Applying for new connections section

Permit to Connect

When Scottish Water is satisfied with a proposal to connect to the existing infrastructure, a “Permit to Connect” will be issued. This is an approval to connect and will specify any requirement or conditions that we need you to comply with.

Scottish Water will also specify a time period for which this permit applies.  The connection must be made during this time period otherwise the permit to connect will be withdrawn.

Your contractor is responsible for all construction of your approved sewer connection, Scottish Water will need 5 days notice of work being carried out to allow us to programme a site inspection.

On satisfactory completion of all work the section of the pipe between the existing sewer and the boundary of the private property will be adopted by Scottish Water as part of the public network.

For further information please call our Customer Helpline on 0845 601 8855

Water Connections

We're here to help and we will give you guidance on the formal process of applying for a new connection to the public water network

Contact Us

Contact the Customer Connections Team