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Planning Your Development

We have a commitment to supporting planning and feasibility for your new development.

Regardless of the scale of your development location or if it is intended for domestic or commercial use, our team is here to support you and respond to early consultation requests.

Pre-Consultation commitment


Within our business team we have a continued commitment to early engagement with our customers, other Agencies or Local Authorities, to enable the delivery of high quality development in Scotland.

We have a joint pre-application statement with all other Agencies to reinforce our commitment to collaborative working to support ongoing development in Scotland.

Please access this link to the Scottish Government's website to view our position statement.

If you require on-site support at the early stages of your development you can request a visit from one of our Field Inspectors who will be able to assist you with technical questions regarding your plans for site connection, and in relation to the surrounding public network outside the boundary of the your development.

Contact our Business Team to request this support.


Existing Public Asset Plans


Click here access to existing asset plans showing the location of our water or wastewater network.

Alternatively you can visit one of our local offices to view these drawings free of charge.

This is important to ensure you have an accurate understanding of local public assets you may wish to connect to, to support your new development.

Surface Water Policy

For reasons of sustainability and to protect our customers from potential future sewer flooding, Scottish Water will not normally accept any surface water connections into our combined sewer system.

There may be limited exceptional circumstances where we would allow such a connection for brownfield sites only, however this will require significant justification from the customer taking account of various factors including legal, physical, and technical challenges.

In order to avoid costs and delays where a surface water discharge to our combined sewer system is anticipated, the developer should contact Scottish Water at the earliest opportunity with strong evidence to support the intended drainage plan prior to making a connection request. We will assess this evidence in a robust manner and provide a decision that reflects the best option from environmental and customer perspectives. Waiting until the connection request stage before consulting with Scottish Water risks refusal of the connection.

Further details on Scottish Water surface water policy can be found in the guidance document here.


Pre-Development Enquiry (PDE)


For all planned development relating to more than a single house connection, we recommend that customers conduct early enquiries with our Business Team.

We have an application form available which you can complete to commence with your feasibility enquiry to our department. This form contains detailed guidance throughout to ensure you understand all mandatory details and reasons for data required.

Access the Pre Development Enquiry (PDE) form here

Note - on some occasions for single house connections we may guide you to complete a PDE form

We will acknowledge receipt of your request and will advise you if we need more information to enable us to complete our assessment.

At this stage the more detailed information that you are able to provide with respect to the scale and nature of your proposed development we can provide you with a greater level of support.

We will respond to confirm if we feel you need to undertake any further assessment to ensure your planned development will not cause any detriment to our existing public supply network.

The assessments are:

Flow and Pressure Test (Water)
Water Impact Assessment (WIA)
Drainage Impact Assessment (DIA)

Flow and Pressure Test


If you are asked to proceed with a Flow and Pressure test on our network you must engage a suitable and competent provider of this service. You must ensure that they are compliant with our Distribution Operations and Maintenance Strategy (DOMS)

DOMS: Scottish Water has a consistent approach for the Operation and Maintenance of our water distribution networks to safeguard the qualtity of water reaching our customers.

If required, Scottish Water can provide you with a quote for this service. You can indicate this by reply to our business team and we will take this forward, and proceed with this work.


The Planning Process

Scottish Water is a statutory consultee within the planning legislation and is required to comment on all outline or full planning applications which are referred by a Local Authority.

To submit a planning application you can access the ePlanning website. 

For more information regarding the planning process and policies please access the Scottish Government website.

A separate contact must be made with Scottish Water as planning permission granted by a Local Authority does not secure the provision of water and waste water services.  It also does not guarantee that there is sufficient network capacity available for new connections.

Scottish Water does not object to a planning application unless the development could possess a significant risk to our public assets or has the potential to impact on public health as a result of our assets being compromised.


Technical Design Documents

Our technical documents for design, Sewers for Scotland 4th edition and Water for Scotland 4th are available via the links below.

The below two appendices to WfSv4.0 are still in draft form, but are included here for your information. These will be finalised and incorporated into WfSv4.1 as part of its release in July 2019.

These documents take account of changes to technical standards, new additions to material selection and provides improved clarity on Scottish Water’s requirements in terms of specification for the design, construction and vesting of new water or waste water infrastructure assets.

(Please note: These documents are large and may take a few minutes to open)

Sewers for Scotland 4th Edition

Water for Scotland 4th Edition

Water for Scotland Appendix O

Water for Scotland Appendix Q

WWPS Catalogue to Waste Water Pumping Station Product Catalogue 

WWPS Data Sheet to Waste Water Pumping Station Data Sheet

CWBS Catalogue to Clean Water Booster Station Product Catalogue

CWBS Data Sheet to Clean Water Booster Station Data Sheet

Surface Water Guidance Document

Developer Services Performance

You can read more about developer services and levels of service targets. Water companies are publishing these standards to demonstrate their commitment to providing transparency about their performance and to help drive improvements in their levels of service.

Performance will be published quarterly beginning late July 2015. See how we're performing against these standards and how we compare to other Water Companies.