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Developer Services - Levels of Service Reporting

UK Water Companies, working with Water UK have produced a set of standards and performance standards that developers and other development stakeholders can expect from water companies in relation to the provision of connections and associated infrastructure for housing development. 

From July 2015, Water UK is presenting the English and Welsh Companies’ quarterly performance information on the levels of services achieved.  Scottish Water has been an active member of the WaterUK group which developed the standards and reports performance data for the comparable service standards in Scotland on its website.

The report presents water company performance in dealing with a broad range of activities which are seen as important for housing development against levels of service that customers, developers and self-lay organisations can expect in relation to the provision of water and wastewater services infrastructure.

Water companies have published this data to provide transparency in their reporting of performance and to help drive improvements.  These standards also form part of the government initiative to publish levels of service for all utility providers.

Due to Legislative, Regulatory and Development framework difference, some of the metrics reported by Water Companies in England and Wales do not apply to Scotland.  Scottish Water has removed these and compiled their own report for those metrics which are comparable.

Scottish Water's perrformance against the rest of the UK and the associated metrics can be seen below. For the full report please click here.

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Developer Services Performance Data

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Document showing Scottish Water's Devloper Services Performance Data with comparison against UK average across the industry.
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Developer Services Metrics

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Powerpoint presentation showing the developer metrics.