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Water Connections

We're here to help and we will give you guidance on the formal process of applying for a new connection to the public water network and outlines what we need you to do as part of the application.

Early Contact with Scottish Water is important before continuing with your formal application.

Application Forms

The current application form DWC1 (pdf) may be downloaded (DWC1) along with the application companion: New Connections Guide (pdf)

For more technical information please consult the: Guide for Obtaining New Water and Waste Water Services (pdf)

All the documents mentioned on this page can be downloaded in Connections Applications

Or you can request a copy by calling us on : Tel 0845 601 8855

Connection Design

Remember: You are responsible for the design of your proposed connection. That will include determining the water demand and the size of the connection and meter where applicable.

If your property needs more than a standard domestic supply we advise you to employ a competent professional to assist with your design and application.

Scottish Water does not guarantee pressure flow above our guaranteed standards of service published within our Code of Practice, however where data is available, we will provide information on typical flow for your area.

Offer of Connection

When Scottish Water is satisfied that your formal application is competent and we are able to confirm that all feasibility issues have been addressed and all information provided, we will make you an offer to connect that will include a request for advanced payment for Scottish Water’s element of the work.

Scottish Water’s target for responding to you is within 28 days of receiving an acceptable application.

Scottish Water’s offer for connection will remain valid for two years from the date of issue.  If you do not complete the work within this timescale, the offer will be withdrawn and you are advised to re-apply.

You must pay the advanced payment request by Cheque or BACS before programming any of your work on site.

A single advance payment for the work is required for the ‘standard’ connection of pipes 32mm diameter or smaller. ‘Non-Standard’ connections, those larger that 32mm in diameter, are charged at cost.

Following completion of the work on site confirmation of the actual cost is made and compared with the advance payments received from you based on our initial estimate of the work.

Please see our Planning and Development Services Charges for further details.  You will receive a VAT receipt for all payments made.


Receipt of your payment will not automatically mobilise our contractors to undertake the final tie-in to the existing main.  It is your responsibility to notify Scottish Water that your private plumbing and all other site preparation is complete and ready for connection.  Only then can we undertake final connection work.

Scottish Water may also take the opportunity to visit the site to confirm that any private plumbing complies with Water Byelaws 2004 and all other site preparation is in hand.


Please take special note that Scottish Water provides a plumbing-only service.  You will be responsible for all other work including road opening excavations and re-instatements.