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2013 - 2014 Charges

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In 2013/14, for the first time in 4 years, the charges which cover the water supply and waste water collection services to your home (your Combined Services charge), detailed on your Council Tax bill, will be 2.8% higher than the amount you paid last year (2012/13).

The charge for the average household bill in Scotland (around £334) is expected to stay lower than the average bill in England and Wales. Last year Scottish Water customers paid less than customers of all of the private water companies in England and Wales. This will mean that the average household will still pay less than £1 a day for the water services you receive. We provide 1.3 billion litres of high quality, clear, fresh Scottish drinking water every day and take away waste water from properties, which we treat before returning to the environment.

The average household is between Council Tax Band B and Band C and has a combined bill of less than £1 a day. Individual water supply and waste water collection charges are less than £1 a day for all households (except for the individual water supply and waste water collection charges for Band H households).