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2016 - 2017 Charges

In 2016/17, the charges which cover the water supply and waste water collection services to your home (your Combined Services charge), detailed on your Council Tax bill, will be limited to 1.6% higher than the amount you paid last year (2015/16) - just over £5 a year for average household.

The charge for the average household bill in Scotland (around £351) is expected to stay well below the average bill of the private water companies in England and Wales. This will mean that the average household will still pay less than £1 a day for the water services you receive.

The average household is between Council Tax Band B and Band C and has a combined bill of less than £1 a day. Individual water supply and waste water collection charges are less than £1 a day for all households (except for the individual Waste Water Collection charges for Band G households and the individual Water Supply and Waste Water Collection charges for Band H households).

Scottish Water household charges have fallen by 10% in real terms since 2009 and will continue to be among the lowest in Great Britain over the next six years. The new charges which provide stability for customers are within price limits set by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland, based on a six year agreement between Scottish Water and the Customer Forum, which represented the interests of our customers. By the end of this six year period, household charges will have fallen further in real terms - which means increasing by less than inflation.

Each year we reinvest every penny we collect from customer charges to run and improve water and waste water services for our customers across Scotland. Customer charges are helping to pay for a £3.5 billion investment by Scottish Water from 2015-2021, which will further improve drinking water quality, protect the environment and support the economy and jobs in the construction sector.