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Know your kitchen checklist

It's a no brainer use a container

Oil doesn’t make everything run smoothly

Fat, oil and grease in liquid form may not appear to be harmful as they don’t get stuck in the plughole, but as they cool they congeal, harden and stick to the inside of drains and sewers, which can cause drains to block, flooding you and your neighbours.

Did you know?

  1. All fats are equal. Whether it is saturated fat (like lard), mono-unsaturated fat (like olive oil) or vegetable oil - they all congeal and harden.

  2. It is an offence under the Sewerage (Scotland) Act 1968 to dispose of fat, grease or oil down your sink.

Your kitchen checklist:

  1. Fat, oil and grease - leave to cool/harden in a container and then scrape into your food waste recycling or put them in the bin*

  2. Give plates, pots, utensils and containers a quick scrape or wipe with some kitchen towel before washing and use a sink strainer in the plughole to catch any bits of leftover food going down the sink*.

  3. Believe it or not soup, stocks, sauces and milk products all contain fat, which can also congeal and harden in your drains - leave these to cool/harden, scrape into a container and then scrape into your food waste recycling or put them in the bin*.

  4. Peelings - put any waste food and peelings into your food waste recycling or put them in the bin*.

* Please check with your local Council/waste contractor for info on how to dispose of used fat, oil and grease and food recycling in your area.

                                                   Kitchen Checklist

Request a FREE Fat Trap
If you are a Scottish Water customer and one of the first 200 to e-mail or write to us telling how you dispose of your fats we will send you a free Fat Trap.

Don't worry if you are not one of the first 200 you can still put used fats and oils into an empty container to cool/solidify and then dispose of it in your food waste recycling or put them in the bin.

Scottish Water customers can write to us at Customer Marketing, Scottish Water, PO Box 8855, Edinburgh, EH10 6YQ or e-mail us at

For more simple tips that will help keep the water cycle running smoothly in your area - view our  In the bathroom page and our Keep the water cycle running smoothly leaflet