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Thinking About a Water Meter?

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You may be thinking about how much water you use and what you could do to save water in your home and garden. Scottish Water are keen to encourage everyone to use water wisely and help you become more water efficient. If you feel that you are already water efficient, then you may benefit from installing a water meter.

The water meter serving your property tracks the amount of water that you use within your property, and your metered water and waste water bills incorporate charges based on the volumes of water used.

You can apply to have a meter installed on the water supply to your property at your own cost.

Scottish Water will provide a standard meter at our expense and this meter shall remain the property of Scottish Water, all other costs involved in creating the space for the meter to be installed must be met by you, the homeowner. If you don't own the property then you must have the owner's permission to get a meter installed.

These costs will include a survey charge and any installation charges. The survey will determine the size of meter required to serve your property and as per Scottish Waters policy, the preferred location of the meter. Scottish Waters policy is for the meter to be installed externally at the boundary of the premises. Where this is impossible or impractical to install our meter externally at the boundary Scottish Water has a hierarchy of preferred locations.

The meter shall be installed in a location that facilitates meter reading in a safe environment and reduces the risk of damage to the water meter serving your property. For example, if the meter freezes, this can result in a loss of water supply and unnecessary cost for you. You can help to protect your water meter, as well as your property, by ensuring that the water meter and pipes inside your property are adequately insulated.

If the meter installed on the water supply to your property is damaged and needs replaced, then you, as the homeowner, or the property owner/landlord, will have to pay the actual cost of replacing the meter if the damage was caused:

  • by anyone other than Scottish Water, or a representative working on our behalf; or
  • by frost.

The amount you will pay for meter installation costs will depend on the size of the meter and the type of installation required. Standard costs are detailed in the current Schedule of Rates which you can view/download from the Related Content Links below. Please note that VAT at current rates is added to survey and installation charges.

Standard installation costs of water meters may be subject to change should any additional work be required.

The current Scheme of Charges which you can view/download from the Related Content Links below provides further information on our Metered Household Tariffs you will pay including any associated costs if you have a water meter.  

If you are interested in applying for a water meter for your home, then please print out and complete the application form in the Related Content Links below. Send your signed, completed form along with a cheque made payable to Scottish Water to cover the cost of the standard survey fee.

Alternatively, completed applications forms may be sent by e-mail to Please note no survey will be carried out until receipt of survey charge has been received by Scottish Water.

If you are unable to view/download the files in the Related Content links below and want to find out more, or have any enquiries during the course of your application, then please contact our Customer Helpline on 0800 0778 778 or contact us with your enquiry by e-mail at or alternatively write to:

Scottish Water
Head of Metering Services
The Bridge
Buchanan Gate Business Park
Cumbernauld Road
G33 6FB

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Application for a domestic water meter

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Application for a domestic water meter survey.
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Schedule of Rates - Meter Charges 2018-19

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This Schedule of Rates lists the standard charges for services related to water meters for the 2018-19 period.