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Flushing your loo accounts for about 30% of the water used in your home.

You can reduce the amount of water your home uses for toilet flushing by using a water-saving device in your toilet cistern.

The Save-a-Flush is a harmless bag of crystals, which when placed in your toilet cistern will expand and save 1 litre of water every time you flush. This is just one simple but effective step that we can all take to use water wisely that doesn't need a major lifestyle change.

If you are a Scottish Water household customer you can request your free Save-a-Flush by completing the
online request form.

Using your Save-a-Flush

Instructions for use are printed on the Save-a-Flush.

Please note: the Save-a-Flush is suited to toilet cisterns of a 6.5 litre capacity and above. It is not suitable for use in slimline cisterns, dual-flush cisterns or cisterns with a capacity of 6 litres or less (usually installed since 1999) as these are already water efficient, you should use the short flush option where possible.

Disposing your Save-a-Flush

If you need to dispose of your Save-a-Flush please put it carefully in your household rubbish, out of the reach of children and animals.

If, after inserting your Save-a-Flush, you find your toilet is not flushing properly then please remove the Save-a-Flush from your toilet cistern and dispose of it as advised above