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Water Calculator

Calculate how much water and energy you use around the home each day - is it more than you think?

Start by telling us the number of people in your household (don't forget to include kids and babies)


Let's work out how much water your household uses in the kitchen.


How do you prepare food?


Tell us about your dishwasher

If you wash up manually, tell us how

Do you have a Waste Disposal Unit in the kitchen?


Tell us about your washing machine

Now let's turn our attention to matters in the bathroom.


How do you brush your teeth?

Describe your shower


Describe your toilet

We just need a few more details to complete the calculations.


What kind of hosepipe do you have?

If you have a car how do you typically wash it at home?


Describe the way you wash your hands

Thank you for using the Water Calculator.

Your household's daily water usage is XXX Litres
That is XXXX Litres per person
The average person in Scotland uses around XXXX Litres every day

The water that you use every day isaverage for a person in Scotland.
Find out how you can use water wisely in and around your home.

Your household's daily Energy usage for heating water is XXXX kWh
That is XXXX kWh per person

Your household's daily Carbon Emissions from heating water are XXXX Kg
That is XXXX Kg per person

These figures calculate the energy/carbon associated only with heating the water. They do not include the energy/carbon associated with treating and/or delivering the water to your home or the energy/carbon associated with using household appliances and lighting in and around your home and garden.