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How to save water when you're cooking in the kitchen or making a quick cup of tea


Save Water in the Kitchen

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Follow these tips to save water every time you make a cup of tea or wash your veg.

  • Turn off a running tap when you wash your hands, dishes or vegetables - put the plug in or use a bowl instead.
  • Use a jug or sports water bottle to chill your tap water in the fridge instead of running the tap.
  • It's quicker to defrost food in the fridge or the microwave, rather than under a running tap.
  • Don't fill the kettle to the top when you only want a cup of tea - boiling just the water you need saves water and electricity/gas
  • Wait until you have enough dishes or clothes for a full load before you use your dishwasher or washing machine. 
  • If you must do smaller washes use the half load cycle and use the quick wash setting.