The Development Operations team work with builders and developers to connect new properties to our network through Licensed Providers (LPs).  

When an application is made the Development Operations Team will: 

  • authorise technical approval of all designs submitted with applications
  • facilitate the connection process through approved framework contractors 
  • provide expert advice on site 
  • ensure byelaws and the Hygiene Code of Practice are adhered to 
  • confer with our Trade Effluent team where necessary 
  • raise appropriate charges according to the Wholesale Scheme of Charges 
  • issue Reasonable Cost Contribution Agreements (RCC) for developers, in order to contribute to the cost of installation of new network


All new developments, irrespective of size, require a formal application to connect to our network. When we receive your application we’ll connect your customer to our network according to the relevant Operational Code process. All application forms can be found in the Document List for Licensed Providers

To help us process your applications as quickly as possible please make sure they are fully complete before submitting. Checklists are available for each type of application. 

Please refer to our list of useful documents for guidance with design, byelaws, our processes and the law in Scotland: Documentation list for Licensed Providers

For details of the latest charges please refer to the Documentation list for Business Customers 

New application forms should be submitted on the Development Services Application Portal.


Boundary Boxes

Development Services have created a leaflet for customers to highlight Scottish Waters requirements for boundary box installation. This leaflet highlights the importance for boundary box depth, size and alignment during installation to enable a meter to be installed and maintained in the future.