BLOG: 50L Home Coalition - Braulio Eduardo Morera

27 September 2022

Scot Climate Week 2022

Our climate is changing, we all need to do our bit. Watch our video to find out more.

Recently I attended World Water Week in Stockholm, one of the largest gatherings of water sector professionals in Europe. Speakers brought forward mounting evidence on the widespread water challenges most countries are experiencing right now - severe droughts, acute rainfall and flooding, and concerns on the quality and affordability of water services in cities and towns. 

My role is to shape a new coalition with the mandate to support public and private partners to create a new generation of solutions to address these challenges. I couldn’t help but wonder about how a diverse set of organisations can help each other more effectively to ensure water services remain resilient, safe, and affordable to all. 

Our 50L Home Coalition has global scope. Our hope is to enable bold collaborations that will ultimately help people in diverse geographies gain a deeper understanding of the value of water, while it remains one of the most essential and pleasant elements in our day. 

Scottish Water is a key partner in our global coalition. As such, it is helping other organisations understand how complex water challenges are unfolding. Scotland is not spared from the emerging water challenges associated with climate change. The east of Scotland has just experienced another very dry summer with the Borders setting a new national temperature record. SEPA (the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) classified several regions in Scotland under a significant water scarcity condition during August.


“Everyday decisions like turning off the tap while we brush our teeth or ensuring toilet leakages are detected can save up to 27% of the overall water consumption in a month. ”

Braulio Eduardo Morera
Director, 50L Home
In this context, ensuring Scottish cities and communities use water efficiently remains an important priority for everyone, especially because the weather will be more volatile as climate change impacts unfold globally. 

Our coalition believes in the power of public-private collaboration to ensure water efficiency also brings more equitable and enjoyable use.

I recently read how Scottish Water’s economic demand manager Brian McCarthy wrote about measuring how much water he and his family consume daily. This is an important step. Everyday decisions like turning off the tap while we brush our teeth or ensuring toilet leakages are detected can save up to 27% of the overall water consumption in a month. However, what would happen if in addition to these small changes in our behaviour, new innovations can help us to save water while we keep enjoying a refreshing shower every morning?  

We believe helping households to choose and access the right appliances and fixtures today can start shaping a future in which we use less water and less energy. With the right products and appliances, we no longer need to wash our clothes with hot water or rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. In other words, what if we could continue enjoying water at home, while reducing our energy consumption? 

Scottish Water is already collaborating with other public and private sector organisations in making this possible. We’ve learnt from other nations that rebate schemes to support upgrading appliances and fixtures, together with dedicated communication channels to provide credible and clear information on how to maintain appliances and fixtures at home, can make substantial contributions to build water resilience. 

As consumers – of water and purchasers of appliances and goods – it would be interesting to hear what would be most effective in our daily lives. 50L Home Coalition members would be keen to hear your thoughts.