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ACM 2023

This year's event saw a record number of attendees and questions

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Listening to our customers to deliver water services fit for the future

We held Annual Consultative Meeting (ACM) in August - with a record number of people attending and watching virtually.

Our Chair, Dame Susan Rice, and Chief Executive, Alex Plant, talked about the successes and challenges we face delivering services to over 2.6 million households across Scotland. 

They highlighted how publicly-owned Scottish Water performed well in the last year in terms of water quality, reaching net zero targets, doing more to protect our coastal environments.

Attendees learned how we invested a record £886 million and continued to deliver quality services despite many extreme weather challenges. They also heard how the changing climate, ageing water and waste water assets and population changes mean ongoing higher investment levels are needed to maintain vital services.  

We also had a record number of questions asked by our customers to our directors who all attended the event in Edinburgh. A third of these related to what we are doing to improve our coastal environment and reduce sewage spills, including from Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). We were also asked about how we decide where to locate our popular Top Up Taps, what we are doing to look at new ways to tackle climate change using our assets to become leaner and greener and also how we plan to step up our drive to reduce leakage on our network.

We thank all our customers who were involved and all of those who asked a question have received a response.

The full recording of the Livestream available here: ACM on YouTube