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Internal Audit Charter December 2023

The Internal Audit Charter is a formal document that defines the Internal Audit role, authority and responsibility

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Compliance Statement 2024

Scottish Water's Compliance Statement 2024-25

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Compliance Officer's Report 2023-24

Annual report on business separation

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Register Of Declared Interests

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Modern Slavery Statement 2022/23

Our compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015

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Public Sector Equality Duty Reporting 2023

This report describes how we have worked to mainstream equality and outlines the initiatives we have put in place, and where we have made progress against our four stated equality outcomes.

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Audit & Risk Committee Terms of Reference 2024

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Scottish Water Members' Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code is to set out the conduct expected of those who serve on the boards of public bodies in Scotland.

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Records Management Policy May 2019

Records management is vital to the delivery of our services in an orderly, efficient, and accountable manner.

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Scottish Water Consultation Code 2010

Framework for our consultation, giving clarity to customers and our employees on how we will consult on our activities

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Scottish Water Milngavie Byelaws July 2016

Scottish Water (Milngavie Waterworks) Byelaws 2015 explained

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Scottish Water Open Data Publication Plan March 2017

Scottish Water’s approach to the publication of open data

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Tax Strategy 2023-24

The approach adopted to the management of our tax affairs is consistent with our vision to be Trusted to serve Scotland

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Scottish Water Trades Union Facility Time Report 2017/18

The use of facility time by recognised Scottish Water trades union representatives between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018

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Standing Orders

The policies and standing orders surrounding meetings of our board

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Fair Work First Statement

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Terms of Remuneration Committee

Terms of reference of the Remuneration Committee of Scottish Water established by resolution of Scottish Water on 12th December 2023

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Whistleblowing Policy

Our whistleblowing policy is in place to encourage and enable employees, contractors and the general public to raise concerns on a confidential basis

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Scottish Water Supplier Code of Conduct

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Strategic Plan - SEA Screening Determination

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Strategic Plan - SEA Screening Report

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Public Sector Equality Duty Reporting 2021

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Disclosure of Senior Staff Names and Salaries

The pay rates for Scottish Water's senior staff as of April 2024

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