Major Investment in Full Flow at Milngavie Reservoirs

14 November 2022

 A significant investment project is under way at our Craigmaddie and Mugdock reservoirs in Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire. 

photograph of Milngavie Reservoirs

Investing in Milngavie Reservoirs 

Our major investment will bring many noticeable  improvements to our much-loved Milngavie Reservoirs site.

Multiple projects being carried out at the site over the next year or so will help improve service to customers across the Greater Glasgow area and bring noticeable aesthetic improvements to the site. 

The works, being delivered by Scottish Water’s delivery partner George Leslie Ltd., involve a long list of upgrades, including improved footpaths around the reservoirs, provision of a defibrillator, the introduction of a wildlife-themed mini-trail, improved signage, and general site maintenance and upgrades to help enhance visitor experience and safeguard water supplies.

And that’s not all. A shiny, new Scottish Water Top Up Tap is due to be installed on site at the end of November, just near to a bio-diversity garden that’s currently being created at the old chlorination site. 

Speaking about this major investment project, Georgina Reid, corporate affairs manager in the west, said: “It’s well known that Craigmaddie and Mugdock reservoirs have huge historical, recreational and environmental significance and we’re fully committed to maintaining and improving this much-loved site. 

“With so much happening and the fact that Milngavie Reservoirs attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, we’re determined to minimise any impact on people’s enjoyment of the site while our works are under way. The works will be carried out respectfully and we’ll do all we can to keep any disruption to a minimum. We’ll also provide regular updates on any activity happening at site and continue to work with the local community throughout.”

Local group Friends of Milngavie Reservoir (FOMR) have played a key role in helping to develop the plans for the bio-diversity garden, and they have been working closely with Scottish Water to come up with the suite of new signage that’s being planned for the site.  

“The next few months will see a bit of disruption but we are all convinced that these works will enhance the experience of all visitors to this wonderful asset.”

Eddy Yacoubian
FOMR Chairman
Eddy Yacoubian, the group’s chairman, said: “We have always believed that by collaborating and working closely with Scottish Water that the best outcomes for the reservoirs would be achieved. The next few months will see a bit of disruption but we are all convinced that these works will enhance the experience of all visitors to this wonderful asset.”

Currently, a temporary trackway is being installed along the access track from Roselea Drive to help protect the ground from work vehicles and machinery. This will lead to a temporary site compound which will be located on land adjacent to Roselea Drive. Pedestrian access is being maintained.  
photo of the temp trackway being installed

A temporary trackway is being installed to protect the ground. 

photo of the bio-diversity garden under construction

Once complete, the bio-diversity garden will add a splash of colour to the site.

Georgina added: “While we appreciate that the programme of works is quite lengthy, we’re sure that visitors and local residents will be as excited as we are to see the final results! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while the works are being delivered.”
Craigmaddie and Mugdock  reservoirs – known collectively as Milngavie Reservoirs – store drinking water that supplies over 700,00 customers in the Greater Glasgow area. Built in the 19th Century,  the site has huge historical significance and attracts over 160,000 visitors per year. 

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