Updated Overflow Data Published

30 March 2023
Scottish Water has published updated data relating to waste water overflow events in line with a commitment to improve transparency of operation.

The Improving Urban Waters Routemap was published in 2021 and set out a range of improvement activities. These are to: improve water quality; increase monitoring and reporting to cover all overflows that discharge into the highest priority waters; significantly reduce sewer related debris in the environment; and reduce spills from the sewer system. The improved reporting of data from monitored overflows is the first step in our commitment to improved monitoring.

The information published today spans the five-year period 2018-2022, including overflow data for January to December 2022. The data reported is in line with regulatory reporting requirements.

Simon Parsons, Director for Strategic Customer and Service Planning, said: “The quality of Scotland’s water environment remains high, and we continue to invest in infrastructure which helps improve it further, including a commitment to increase monitoring across the waste water system.

“Our waste water treatment systems handle more than 1 billion litres a day. They are a vital part of the water cycle in Scotland.
“The routemap sets out a crystal-clear commitment to invest further, monitor performance at more locations and strive to prevent pollution incidents before these happen. We are on track to deliver on those commitments.”

For the latest published data, visit Overflow Spill Data.