City Centre Sewer Project Extended in Inverness

23 May 2024
Duncraig Street Inverness

Sewer project extended

The sewer pipe running through Duncraig Street, King Street and Greig Street is 100 years old and in need of repair to continue to serve customers and protect the environment.

A sewer replacement project taking place in Inverness city centre is to be extended, Scottish Water has advised. 

The work to replace a 100-year old pipe which runs through Duncraig Street, King Street and Greig Street will now continue until September due to the poor condition of the sewer.  

The initial phase of the project, which took place in Duncraig Street and is now complete, uncovered further issues with the sewer on King Street between the junction of Duncraig Street and Greig Street; as well as on Greig Street between King Street and Huntly Street. 

Work is currently underway to replace the sewer on the King Street section, while further investigatory work is required to confirm the extent of repairs required to the Greig Street sewer. 

Traffic management will remain in place on each of the three streets for the duration of the project, including road closures on King Street and Greig Street with signposted diversions in operation.  

Project manager Tom Hannan said: “As the project has progressed, it became clear that parts of the sewer in both King Street and Greig Street were also in poor condition. We understand that it is frustrating for residents and businesses in the area that work has now been extended but it is essential that we replace the sewer to ensure that it can continue to operate effectively.  

“Alongside our contracting partner MacAulay Askernish, we are working as quickly and safely as possible to deliver the repairs that are needed in these locations and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.” 

He added: “We recognise that the work we are doing is disruptive to the local road network, as well as to residents and local businesses. Signage advertising that businesses are still open and operating is already in place and we are giving careful consideration to what further measures we can take to mitigate the impact of the work, as well as ensuring that we continue to communicate with those affected.  

“A drop-in information session is in the process of being organised to allow residents to meet with the project team and discuss any queries or concerns they might have about the work.”