Scottish Water Celebrates Commitment to Carers in the Workplace

10 June 2024
Scottish Water employees Yvonne Dunne and William Johnstone celebrate Carer Positive event in the workplace during Carers Week

Carer Positive

Scottish Water's Yvonne Dunne (Wellbeing & Inclusion Senior People Consultant) (left) and William Johnstone (Carers Network Lead & Trade Effluent Adviser) (right) at recent Carer Positive 10 Year Anniversary event

Scottish Water is marking its ongoing commitment to supporting carers in the workplace during Carers' Week 2024

This annual event, from June 10th to June 16th, is a time to recognise the efforts of carers who provide unwavering support to those in need, often balancing their caregiving responsibilities with their professional commitments. 

One in seven employees in Scottish Water cares for someone who is ill, frail, or has a disability, whether short-term or long-term.

They recently celebrated their recognition at the 10th-anniversary event of Carer Positive, proudly maintaining their Exemplary Carer Positive employer status for the past five years.

We are proud to be an employer that actively supports carers in the workplace, and we have implemented various supportive measures and policies designed to help carers manage their dual responsibilities effectively.

This event was a fantastic opportunity for our employee-led Carers Network and Wellbeing & Inclusion team to celebrate Scottish Water's dedication to its initiatives.

William Johnstone, a Trade Effluent Advisor at Scottish Water and a Carers Network Lead, said: “It can often be a lonely time as a carer and the Carers Network at Scottish Water is there for you if you need that little piece of encouragement, help or advice.

"We run regular Carers Cafes and work with organisations like Carer Positive and Age UK to help others feel heard and supported”.