Scottish Borders Clear Water Tank Investment

13 June 2024
Aerial footage of £30m Clear Water Tank investment in the Scottish Borders

Scottish Borders Clear Water Tank Investment

Aerial footage of £30million investment by Scottish Water

Scottish Water's £30million investment in the water network is a significant development for the communities of Galashiels, Selkirk, and the surrounding areas.

The construction of a new Clear Water Tank and a 7-mile pipeline will provide a more robust and efficient water supply system. This project will not only enhance the treatment processes but also ensure a resilient water supply for over 20,000 households and businesses.

Several towns and villages including Selkirk, Galashiels, Melrose, Lauder, Fountainhall, and Newton St Boswells will benefit from the upgrades. 

The Clear Water Tank stores up to 18 hours’ worth of water once it has been treated at Howden Water Treatment Works and monitors the quality before it goes into supply. It provides additional strength in the network by providing enough storage to supply the area if there any issues elsewhere in the network.

The tank which can hold the equivalent of nearly five Olympic-sized swimming pools, is an impressive addition to Scottish Waters infrastructure. 

Jamie Dunlop, Project Manager for ESD, said:

"I'm really proud to be part of such an incredible team of people. 

“The project has been challenging at times, but the hard work from all involved has been outstanding. I look forward to handing over a quality asset to Scottish Water to operate for years to come ensuring stability and efficiency in drinking water supplies for generations.”

The tank is designed to integrate seamlessly into the local landscape while providing a critical service. The strategic placement next to the A7 is an innovative approach to integrating essential services with the surrounding environment. It allows for easy access and maintenance, ensuring that the water network remains a reliable resource for the community.

The project was delivered collaboratively by Scottish Water partners ESD and CWA.