Any business with a trade effluent discharge must obtain a trade effluent consent. 

This is a legal document that sets limits on the volume and nature of the discharge.  

We carry out sampling of consented discharges, to monitor whether the discharge complies with these limits. We follow an enforcement procedure in the event of serious breaches of the consent conditions. 

Smaller discharges may be controlled by issuing a Letter of Authorisation.


A Trade Effluent Notice (TEN) is part of the application for the following Trade Effluent processes:

  • New TE Consent – Proposed discharge for which no Consent exists 
  • TE Consent Review – Modification to an existing Consent 
  • TE Discontinuation of Trade Effluent Services (Temporary)
  • TE Renewal – Renewal of a discontinued Consent 
  • TE Termination – Termination of Consent (Permanent)

Licenced Providers can attach an electronic copy of the signed TEN with any accompanying information when submitting Requests for Service via the Portal and Scottish Water will use these to commence the application process.  However as the TEN is a legal notice, the original TEN signed in ink by the customer, together with all accompanying plans and information must be posted to Scottish Water at the address shown below:

Scottish Water,
Trade Effluent Quality Team,
55 Buckstone Terrace,
EH10 6XH

We recommend applications are posted by recorded delivery so they can be tracked.