Scottish Water has a crucial purpose in Scotland’s Water Sector Vision to support a flourishing Scotland through being trusted to care for the water on which Scotland depends.    

The Scientific Services Management Team is committed to our Sustainable Future and our role in achieving Scotland’s ambitious Water Sector Vision.  

Using our Environmental Management System, we will support a flourishing Scotland to go beyond net zero emissions by embracing the circular economy and enhancing Scotland’s natural environment through:

  • fulfilling our compliance obligations relating to laws, regulations and standards
  • our commitment to continuing professional development to further enhancing our diversity and development of our people with skills for the future
  • inspiring our people to transform how we deliver our services and how they can protect our environment
  • reducing our operational carbon footprint
  • reducing our resource utilisation in our activities and maximising the life of our existing assets
  • minimising the amount and toxicity of waste generated and improving the amounts of material re-used and recycled
  • delivering data which and allows smarter investment choices for our water and waste water assets and sources
  • ensuring the safe treatment and re-use of waste where possible to prevent release of any harmful pollutant to the atmosphere, land or water
  • working with suppliers and contractors to improve environmental performance throughout our supply chain

We are committed to transform how we work, to live within the means of our planet’s resources, enhance the natural environment and maximise our positive contribution to Scotland achieving net zero emissions.

This Policy will be communicated to all staff, contractors and suppliers, and be available to the public or interested parties through selected media.

The scope of the Scientific Services Environmental Management System is: 
Sampling and Logistics, Sample Management and analysis performed by Scientific Services.