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Gladhouse Summary 2023

This document summaries some of our key experiences and our rangers’-eye account of the past year in the life of Gladhouse reservoir.

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Gladhouse Reservoir Newsletter May 2023

This newsletter provides the community with an overview what we have been working on and what is still to come this year

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Carpark Planning Statement

This document has been submitted to Midlothian Council as part of our planning application for the carpark at Gladhouse.

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Carpark Location & Design

Supporting documents submitted to Midlothian Council which show the location and design of the carpark

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Gladhouse Reservoir Planned Work Newsletter Nov 2022

This document provides an overview of the projects planned at Gladhouse Reservoir over the next 18-24 months.

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Gladhouse Reservoir Newsletter Aug 2022

This newsletter provides an overview of what progress has been made, what we are continuing to work on and to highlight some of the problems we experienced this summer.

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Gladhouse Reservoir Newsletter Feb 2022

This newsletter provides the community with an overview of our plans going forward for this season and beyond at the site to help enable responsible access.

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Gladhouse Reservoir visitor survey summary report - November 2021

A full report of the analysed data of the visitor survey.

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Gladhouse Reservoir Newsletter Nov 2021

This newsletter provides further information to the community on the planned maintenance work to the reservoirs structure and operation.

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